Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oh, you know, just...stuff.

Well, being the elusive and mysterious creature I am I return to you after a period of almost two months. You are probably assuming I've done wildly interesting and exciting things in said two months but no. I have instead sat around, listened to K.Flay's cover of Seen it All approximately 583 times, eaten my body weight x15 in dried mangos and cried over pictures of hairless cats. I am, in fact, a functioning and productive human. Obviously. Besides those things though I did turn 15 in December which was odd and big and new and exciting. So far I like it. Sort of. I've also been writing constantly, especially poetry. I have shown a little bit of my poetry to exactly one person (hi Colton) and am still terrified about the possibility of showing any more of it to anyone ever.
Other than all of that I don't have a whole lot to report, I would say I will post more soon but we all know that may or may not happen. I do have some ideas I'm working on with some people for future projects which I might write about on this here blog if/when they become actual things. We'll see.


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