Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frost is Just Baby Snows

Hi There, 
So I haven't posted as much as I planned to this week, things got a little busy. School is crazy right now because it's the last week of this term but things will calm down in a few days and posting will be back to normal. 
For my beauty pick/review this week I chose one of Lush's solid perfumes in Tuca Tuca. 

 The scent is really lovely, sort of a sandalwood, violet, and ylang ylang mix. It's not too fruity or flowery but still girly. It goes on nicely and doesn't leave an oily residue which is great for sensitive skin. The color is pretty and the size is perfect for in a purse or pocket.
To apply it you have to push the bottom up, sort of like those popsicles that everyone was obsessed with as a kid. This is a clever way to go about the packaging but it isn't convenient when trying to twist the cap back on. As you can see above the perfume part gets pretty beat up and messy when you try to put it away. This is a lovely product but I don't think I would buy another one due to the difficult put away and clean up.


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