Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday List of Friday Things

Hi there,

So starting this week I will be posting a list every Friday of things/people/music/recipes that I have been liking/inspired by/wanting/enjoying. Shall we begin?

So my person for this week is M.I.A. Her new album Matangi came out on the 5th and it's been on repeat since. She has been the soundtrack to my life lately and I am becoming happily obsessed. Reading about her and her life in further preparation for this post I fell more in love with her and realized how much I like and admire her as a person. I think it's really incredible when you find an artist who you like not just for their work but for who they are as well. Its pretty neat.

This week I have chosen Pacifica's body butter in Persian Rose. I got this awhile ago and just started using it but now carry it with me everywhere. I use it everyday. It is super moisturizing without much of an oily residue and the scent is out of this world. It smells like you're sleeping in a bed of roses and spices and satin. I'm obsessed.
 3.) BOOK
Sailing Alone Around the Room by Billy Collins is my book of the week this week, I picked it up because my dad had recommended it and ended up reading it through in one sitting. I hadn't read much of his work before this but am now reading everything I can get my hands on. My favorite poems from this collection are (in no particular order) Budapest, On Turning Ten, The Lesson, Candle Hat and Questions About Angels.

Three words. Frida Kahlo Socks. I lust after them. 
So this week I decided to make bubble tea after being enticed by a pretty bag of rainbow tapioca pearls. Mine, of course, didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the picture above and I didn't have the right straws so it was basically just drinking tea then eating the bubble part but it was delicious, none the less. The recipe I used can be found here.

6.) MUSIC 
I had heard of Purity Ring a little before but a friend just got me really into it and now I can't stop listening to Shrines. The lyrics of Saltkin and Fineshrine really get me. I could go on for hours about every little detail of how the entire album is perfection but you'd be bored and asleep in the next ten minutes. So just go listen to it. Trust me. 


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