Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Can't Feel The Right Side of My Face

NOTE: I just found this unfinished post in my drafts, I think I was planning on posting it at some point but I must have forgotten about it. I can honestly say I have no idea where I was going with this post but some points are still relevant so I feel like there's no harm in putting it up. Again it's been about two months since my last post (this seems to be a recurring theme.) I still go back and forth about this blog a lot and what I want to share with the world and what I want to be secret and just for me (see more thoughts on this below.) Lately I have been feeling like I'm not exactly doing anything with my life other than going to school and doing homework and seeing friends and it's becoming kind of upsetting. One could argue that at 15 that's exactly what I should be doing but the problem is I've been given (am being given) opportunities to do some incredible things but I always seem to just let them fall apart. This blog being one of the projects/opportunities. Sort of. This feeling leads to more feelings then usually a panic attack then a lot of laying around listening to Beyonce and telling myself that it's okay because I'm only human and I can only due so much but then that usually leads to continuous laying around and lazy-ness. It's really an unfortunate cycle of events. I would end this with some sort of uplifting "But I have decided to change my life and be more productive! and passionate! and focused! and organized! and driven!" But I honestly don't know what's going to happen. It's not good or bad it just is. I'm in a definite 'figuring it out' phase right now. The good part is something has to happen at some point so I suppose I have that to look forward to. Now is the point where I would make some joke about how "I'd say I'd post more but yeah probably not" but it's sort of gotten past the point of that to where I will honestly probably not post for another two months but if you need me I'll be laying here listening to Beyonce.

It is a Thursday night and as of right now I should be finishing my homework. As of right now I am listening to Transatlanticism and taking many a selfie while lusting after a bowl of granola. I figure not many of you read this blog much anymore which is comforting in a way. I feel more free. More comfortable. Lately I have decided to do what makes me happy, whatever that may be. Last night it was prancing around in my strawberry bathing suit, chopping off half my hair with kitchen scissors and eating copious amounts of Swedish fish. So that's exactly what I did. It was fabulous.

I have decided to start using this blog for myself. No one else. It will most likely be much less about fashion (was it ever really about that though?) and simply writing and chronicling my life as a 15 year old girl/artist/teenager/woman/granola consumer/human/literature nerd/writer/hairless cat enthusiast. I have become very private in the past few months, and I debated whether or not to keep posting here. I'm still unsure if not a little uncomfortable doing so, only if for the fact that I'm wildly blunt and I always feel like I've shared too much, lost some of my mystery ("You can't loose something you never had, Lillie" haha yes you're very funny) I suppose it's all in finding a balance.

I currently have a pounding headache (think like 87 River Dancers having a convention in your skull.) I've been drawing more lately and attempting not to destroy all of it once I've finished. I like some of it, maybe I'll post some. For school we were talking about timelines and assigned to each make a timeline of our own lives. I was working on mine and it just sort of hit me how delicate a life can be. I haven't been here that long and I've had a few experiences, maybe not enough but a few. I realized how my life could be eaten in one bite, it's so small. I have so much to explore. It's so interesting what children remember. Looking at my childhood a lot of it is fuzzy up to about age 12 or 13 but I remember snapshots, little torn off pieces. I remember my mom, red nail polish, Chanel No. 19. I remember my dad, strong hands, chapstick that smelled like pepper.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oh, you know, just...stuff.

Well, being the elusive and mysterious creature I am I return to you after a period of almost two months. You are probably assuming I've done wildly interesting and exciting things in said two months but no. I have instead sat around, listened to K.Flay's cover of Seen it All approximately 583 times, eaten my body weight x15 in dried mangos and cried over pictures of hairless cats. I am, in fact, a functioning and productive human. Obviously. Besides those things though I did turn 15 in December which was odd and big and new and exciting. So far I like it. Sort of. I've also been writing constantly, especially poetry. I have shown a little bit of my poetry to exactly one person (hi Colton) and am still terrified about the possibility of showing any more of it to anyone ever.
Other than all of that I don't have a whole lot to report, I would say I will post more soon but we all know that may or may not happen. I do have some ideas I'm working on with some people for future projects which I might write about on this here blog if/when they become actual things. We'll see.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frost is Just Baby Snows

Hi There, 
So I haven't posted as much as I planned to this week, things got a little busy. School is crazy right now because it's the last week of this term but things will calm down in a few days and posting will be back to normal. 
For my beauty pick/review this week I chose one of Lush's solid perfumes in Tuca Tuca. 

 The scent is really lovely, sort of a sandalwood, violet, and ylang ylang mix. It's not too fruity or flowery but still girly. It goes on nicely and doesn't leave an oily residue which is great for sensitive skin. The color is pretty and the size is perfect for in a purse or pocket.
To apply it you have to push the bottom up, sort of like those popsicles that everyone was obsessed with as a kid. This is a clever way to go about the packaging but it isn't convenient when trying to twist the cap back on. As you can see above the perfume part gets pretty beat up and messy when you try to put it away. This is a lovely product but I don't think I would buy another one due to the difficult put away and clean up.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday List of Friday Things

Hi there,

So starting this week I will be posting a list every Friday of things/people/music/recipes that I have been liking/inspired by/wanting/enjoying. Shall we begin?

So my person for this week is M.I.A. Her new album Matangi came out on the 5th and it's been on repeat since. She has been the soundtrack to my life lately and I am becoming happily obsessed. Reading about her and her life in further preparation for this post I fell more in love with her and realized how much I like and admire her as a person. I think it's really incredible when you find an artist who you like not just for their work but for who they are as well. Its pretty neat.

This week I have chosen Pacifica's body butter in Persian Rose. I got this awhile ago and just started using it but now carry it with me everywhere. I use it everyday. It is super moisturizing without much of an oily residue and the scent is out of this world. It smells like you're sleeping in a bed of roses and spices and satin. I'm obsessed.
 3.) BOOK
Sailing Alone Around the Room by Billy Collins is my book of the week this week, I picked it up because my dad had recommended it and ended up reading it through in one sitting. I hadn't read much of his work before this but am now reading everything I can get my hands on. My favorite poems from this collection are (in no particular order) Budapest, On Turning Ten, The Lesson, Candle Hat and Questions About Angels.

Three words. Frida Kahlo Socks. I lust after them. 
So this week I decided to make bubble tea after being enticed by a pretty bag of rainbow tapioca pearls. Mine, of course, didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the picture above and I didn't have the right straws so it was basically just drinking tea then eating the bubble part but it was delicious, none the less. The recipe I used can be found here.

6.) MUSIC 
I had heard of Purity Ring a little before but a friend just got me really into it and now I can't stop listening to Shrines. The lyrics of Saltkin and Fineshrine really get me. I could go on for hours about every little detail of how the entire album is perfection but you'd be bored and asleep in the next ten minutes. So just go listen to it. Trust me. 


All images from google or tumblr 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fake Roses Fake Laugh

Hey there, 
So as promised here is a review of some lipsticks I recently bought. (Well, sort of recently.) I chose the Lime Crime lipstick in Airborne Unicorn and the Topshop lipstick in Saint. 

I ordered Airborne Unicorn online and was happily surprised that it came quite quickly. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and although it was disguised as a plain white box at first, once I opened it it revealed its true unicorned, polka dotted, pink fantastic-ness. Only Lime Crime would have packaging this fab. 

  Again with the packaging.

It goes on smoothly and the pigment seems evenly distributed. It stays on nicely throughout the day and doesn't smear easily. It goes on fairly evenly though I did have to go back and fill a few places in when I first applied it. The color is really great, it's not too neon and not too dark which I like and which also makes it feel more wearable. All in all this lipstick has quickly become one of my signature colors and I would highly recommend it.

 I bought this lipstick at a Topshop in LA a few months ago and can't say I feel it was worth the fairly expensive price (16 dollars.) I actually meant to get a different shade (this is probably part of the problem) but read the label wrong. It is still a lovely color but I have barely worn it since I bought it. It goes on quite creamy and does not spread evenly at all which is frustrating. It smears pretty easily and and the formula isn't that great. The packaging and color are cute but for the price and results I wouldn't recommend it.

 It looks much lighter when you put it on, not as peachy.
Observe, a Wild Lillie in the natural habitat of her closet, trying to be cute or something.

I hope you all are having a lovely week, catch you later.

Monday, November 11, 2013

News. Also, tangerines.


So as you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while and that was mainly due to school, I had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning  to do a 3 hour commute both ways and I wasn't getting home until around 6 pm. I was exhausted all the time and didn't have time for anything except homework. It was a great school but what I was getting out of it wasn't worth the ridiculous commute and no life, so I have started to do a sort of homeschooling/independent studies/college prep mash up and am so much happier and healthier. Plus I actually have time to do stuff now, including maybe posting on this blog once in a while.

I have decided that due to the way I think and organize my life it would work best to have a routine of how/what I post each day to keep me organized. So on Mondays I will do an outfit post, on Wednesdays a beauty product review, on Fridays a list of things I like/want/have been inspiring me that week, on Saturdays I will post a mood board and on Sundays I will be doing a DIY. Now these are just very basic things I will be doing, they may switch around or I may do two things on one day or add a new thing and so on. I just wanted to let you guys know my life is changing and you'll be seeing a lot more of me around here now.

Ok. That's all.
See you Wednesday.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Of Wednesday Afternoons and Cheese Pizza

So I lied, I didn't actually post anything when I was in LA. Whoops. I was only there for a short period of time and I was pretty busy. Anyway, this post is just some images that have been inspiring me lately. Kind of like a mismatched online mood board. Yeah, something like that.
All of these images are in the same aesthetic file in my brain though they may seem random to everyone else. They're mostly connected to my childhood and being in San Francisco when I was little and not worrying about anything because I was a kid and I didn't have to.

This show was everything

All the style goals forever

Also, I just discovered The Terrordactyls and I'm obsessed. The thing is I've been searching everywhere but they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth and I can't find anything posted/recorded/uploaded since around 2009. I'm a little heartbroken but nowhere does it say that they have officially broken up so I'm keepin hope alive.

The video is for their song 'Devices' which is my current favorite. Plus it fits perfectly with the visual aesthetic of this post. 
I will also be doing an outfit post soon that correlates with this post/these vibes/this train of thought. I would tell you exactly when but when I do that I always panic a little and then put it off for weeks. So I'll post it soon. Probably. 

Also, I meant to post this last time but I forgot. At Fashion Week after the Alexander Wang show I was hanging out outside waiting for my dad when a few photographers started taking pictures of me. I got to talking to one of them after and he gave me his card. He is a lovely person and has a great photography blog that I would highly recommend checking out. This is the post that I'm in and this is his blog. (In the photo I'm wearing a JewelMint necklace and a vintage DVF jumpsuit.)

Well it's 1 am so I am off to sleep. 
Catch you all later.


All images from Tumblr or Google, video from Youtube